Time to upgrade your fuse board

electrical fuse board replacementDid you know that under current electrical regulations, if you have a fuse board like the one pictured here, also known as a consumer unit/distribution board, that you will likely need this replacing, prior to any works being carried out within your property.

This is because the regulatory body has deemed such older boards no longer fit for purpose.

You will find that if an electrician attends your property to complete any works that you require, they should inform you that your board is now unsafe for most types of electrical work, until it is replaced. For your information, many of these fuse boards were likely installed in propertys around the 1980 and before.

All domestic electrical installations need to comply with the Part P regulations, and by upgrading to a newer fuse board, your work can be completed safely and a certificate of works can be produced, assuring your safety in your own home.

The re-wireable fuses can overheat and will not disconnect safely within the permitted time of current regulations. You’ll also find that many were often installed with a wooden surround, which can also be a fire risk.

A new board, like the one pictured to the left, meets current regulations and giving you piece of mind in the unfortunate event that you have an electrical fault.

electrical fuse boardShould you be in any doubt about your current fuse board and would like someone to take a look at it, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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